Broadband Hexagonal Beam Antenna
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Hi Roger,

I just wanted to thank you again for the price break as well as extra parts for my groups trip to T32 in December. We have set up the and tested the hex and I'm happy to report that it works like a charm!! We will operate with the antenna close to the surf (within abt 40ft). The antenna will be at 20-25 ft above ground. I think it's going to be a really good player!!

Thanks again for your support Roger!!
With Warm Regards,

The T32RC Team
Dean KW7XX
Tim NL8F
Dick N7RO
Dave AH6HY
Paula NX1P

"The NA4RR Hexbeam was first used at VU7KV in May 2013. The hex was first unpacked at the terrace of the a 4 story building in VU7. Reading the instructions to put together a hex for the first time ever, the antenna went up together in 30 minutes and all parts were shipped and packed intact. The month of May was the month prior to the onset of monsoons in the area. The wind gusts at 20m high was quite wild, but the hex just sat there,well balanced. In 3 days, we made over 2200 Qso's and each one was made with the Hex, including a number of contacts into NA on 12m.

The light weight rendered it very portable. The ease and reliability with which it can be installed and dismantled, made it a good choice of an antenna for VU7AG in Nov 2013. Roger sent me an antenna with extra hardware. The hex was hand carried in a golf hard case from W4 to VU7. This antenna pretty much saved the day for us, when all the antennae we had shipped was stuck in the cargo boat and never arrived till Nov 23rd. For the first 3 days, all contacts made the world over were via the NA4RR hex. It just performed very well and as predicted and expected. No surprises. We like the NA4RR hex for its ability to work right out of the box, light weight to transport by air-cargo as checked baggage and it works well. If you are considering a hex for a dxpedition or a home station, do not hesitate. It is the best deal in town. For locations that have high UV exposure, just get a couple cans of green or black paint and spray 2 coats and you are all set."


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